Professional Driver

Marketing & Booking System

  • A platform to grow your own direct business.

  • ​Promote it to as many customers as you like

  • Learn how to get more customers for Airport Transfers, corporate and concert work.

  • Support like minded private drivers while they supporting your business.

  • Only available to High Quality Professional Drivers​​

How it Works!

Create a smooth and simple booking 

process so your customers keep on coming back again and again.


Once you receive your personal My Driver Direct website and app, you can give it to whoever you want, the more customers, the better.  Its' simple to put it onto their phones. Just a few simple clicks, and your personalised My Driver Direct app is on your customer's phone.


Now your customers can book you direct, using your app or website, anytime, anywhere they are. They simply complete the booking details and submit the booking request. 

You will instantly receive an SMS notification sent straight to your mobile phone. 


Then, you simply confirm the booking with your customer.  


And we'll teach you how to create a seamless payment process so the money goes directly to you with minimal delay.

More Regular CLIENTS

Equals More Money In Your Pocket

Repeat business or having regular clients is the key.  Having your own website and booking app. on your clients' phones is the ultimate advertising and booking tool (give it to as many people as you like).


It's a professional and simple booking process for you and your clients to manage.

Features include:​​

  • A personalised customer app so your clients can easily book you directly, again and again.​

  • Your own driver dashboard management app, where all your jobs are automatically scheduled.

  • Your own personal web booking platform to promote to the world.

  • Instant SMS notification sent straight to your phone.

What You Get!

Be an affiliated Driver with the QLD 

booking entity My Driver Direct.

(conditions apply).​


Giving you more time to drive and less time doing administration. My Driver Direct will handle all of the range of responsibilities for you as required by a QLD Government approved B.E.A. ​


QLD Government responsibilities 

  • a new chain of responsibility related to safety.

  • fatigue management data management & reporting quarterly and annually

  • Licensing documentation requirements


The My Driver Direct Platform

  • Your very own professional Website, Booking Platform & 2 Apps

  • Give it to as many customers as you like

  • Instant SMS notification sent straight to your phone

  • Instant email notifications on all web booking order requests

  • Integrated with online calendars

  • Training on setting up your own payment gateway, customer service and driver networking.

  • Includes 2 Qld Gov. approved pieces of My Driver Direct signage

  • Small weekly subscription

  • No Lock-in contracts, cancel anytime

  • Email support.

  • Includes Ongoing Qld. Government Entity fees

  • Driver management, marketing and sales support.


One time only set-up fee of....$297.00​


On going ..... $24.50/week (incl. GST)


Why My Driver Direct?

On Time Every Time
24 hours / 7 days
Any Delivery
Fixed Price Options

My Driver Direct

Queensland Government Approved

B.E.A. 01485



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