How It Works

Once you receive your personal My Driver Direct website and app, you can give it to whoever you want. The more customers the better.  To put it onto their phones it's just a simple 3 clicks, and your MyDriverDirect app is on your customer's phone.


Now your customers can book you direct, using your app or website, anytime, anywhere they are. They simply complete the booking details and submit the booking request. 

You will instantly receive an SMS notification sent straight to your mobile phone, plus the full detailed order in an email. 


You can then send it straight to your calendar.


Then, simply confirm the booking with your customer.  


We will teach you how to create a seamless payment process so the money goes directly to you with minimal delay.

Then just complete your trip.  

Your customers prefer a quick and professional way submitting a booking and will keep on coming back to your professional service.

QLD drivers must have there own Qld Gov. B.E.A 

Or apply to be affiliated with the My Driver Direct BEA (conditions apply)

Coming Soon: N.S.W, Vic, W.A. & S.A. 

Why My Driver Direct?

On Time Every Time
24 hours / 7 days
Any Delivery
Fixed Price Options

My Driver Direct

Queensland Government Approved

B.E.A. 01485



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All drivers of My Driver Direct have received online training in disability awareness and anti-discrimination, including sexual harassment.